Hiab Freight Photo Gallery - Our Fleet of Trucks

Our Fleet

Part of what makes our Hiabs service so useful is our variety of lorry mounted cranes that suit all types of works and access. With some of the latest models in the industry ready to go, we can make sure you have ample assistance waiting for you time and time again. We have modernized and changed our fleet around numerous times, always looking to improve it and bring in new and improved models. Presently, we can offer modern HIAB vehicles from 600 HIAB models through to 855 XS-8 models. Our fleet includes Wagon & Drag, Rigid, Articulated Flatbed Vehicles, Moffett Mounted Forklift Trucks & Lowloaders. You can get access to a well-maintained group of high quality HIAB vehicles as and when you need it, making sure you can solve your business needs with a fraction of the time and resources needed to buy a HIAB outright. With affordable prices and great customer service, contact us today for any information you may need.