Hiab Freight Fleet of Trucks

Our extensive transport fleet includes Moffett Mounted Forklift Trucks, Articulated HIAB Vehicles, Low-loaders

Our Fleet:

  • HIAB 558
  • HIAB 658
  • HIAB 700
  • HIAB 855XS-8
  • HIAB 858XS-8
  • 6-Wheeler HIABs across the complete Hiab range including 700XS-8
  • Low-loaders

Our Trucks:

  • Wagon & Drags
  • Articulated Flatbed Vehicles
  • Moffett Mounted Forklift Trucks
  • Rigid vehicles
  • Hiabs equipped with 60ft extending trailers
  • Tractor units on HIAB 550
  • Drag bar units
  • 40 ft. rigid flats
Hiab Freight Trucks

If you work in construction, logistics, or just require a one time delivery, it's crucial for both small and large businesses to have access to a professionally maintained HIAB fleet complete with drivers that are completely reliable. Our fleet includes a wide range of trucks, from the Artic 658X-Hipro Hiab to the heavy-duty Rigid 858XS-8 Hiab lorry mounted loader cranes and container handlers.

700 XS HIAB:

For more challenging and intense tasks, the 700XS HIAB showcases an impressive 9m stabilization span, significantly enhancing its overall lifting ability. Boasting a maximum hydraulic outreach of 20.7 m, the 700XS is often the preferred choice for bigger projects.
Equipped with top-notch safety, control technology and productivity tools, the 700 XS offers multiple hydraulic extensions giving extended lifting capacity, enabling extension up to a range of 22.8 meters. Its 9m stabilizer span ensures robust stability even under high-powered operations. Specifically designed to handle heavy-duty and large-scale tasks. Additionally, fitted with the HIPro system, complete with the innovative Valve 91 and SPACE 5000 intelligence system. This piece of hefty equipment offers top-level precision and productivity for its cost, making it one of the most robust crane constructions available.

Flatbed Truck:

The term flatbed wagon is used to describe a type of vehicle characterized by its potent engine and an unadorned flat bed, devoid of an elaborate superstructure. These vehicles are best suited for transporting non-weather-sensitive goods. They're commonly used for general freight or pallet transportation tasks. Because the goods are exposed, we recommend covering them with weather-resistant covers. A flatbed wagon is an impressive vehicle that can effortlessly transport a large variety of items, even heavy loads, while operating smoothly. All our flatbed wagons maintain high levels of safety and efficiency.


Moffett's forklift is predominantly mounted on trucks and has a three-wheel drive, making it suitable for transportation on general trucks or trailers without sacrificing cargo space. This results in quick deliveries and cost efficiency. Typically, they are mounted at the rear of trucks or on platforms and can be disassembled in less than a minute. Subsequently, the items can be transported to their destination. In contrast to traditional industrial forklifts, these truck-mounted forklifts are faster, lighter, and can be used in challenging environments such as construction sites. Moffetts are capable of lifting up to 7000 lbs and are available for a wide range of applications including construction, agriculture, recycling.


HIAB is the world's top-selling maker of articulated truck cranes. Renowned for their innovative design, durable construction, and precise controls, HIAB has been the leader in the knuckle boom truck crane market. They pioneered the first hydraulic truck-mounted crane back in 1947. The key to HIAB's success is their high-performance trucks that are built to last. With around 60 different models, ranging in capacities from 0.8 to 80 ton meters and spans of up to 25m, HIAB offers a wide range of options. Their cranes feature highly efficient hydraulics for unmatched control and are equipped with top-notch safety and precision controls, making their operation straightforward. HIAB trucks adhere to, and even exceed, industry safety guidelines and are thoroughly tested according to ISO 9001 standards.

Rigid Trucks:

HIAB trucks are suitable for a variety of industries, including construction and road-building, as well as handling heavy machinery. HIAB manufactures rigid trucks which are designed to transport and tow heavy loads. They come in 4, 6 and 8 wheeled configurations with front or rear mounted options. The trucks have varying lengths, typically between 12 and 19 meters. Front mounted rigids can lift 1500 to 6000 kilograms, while rear mounted ones can handle loads of 330 to 1000 kilograms. These vehicles are equipped with a range of crane sizes and other features. Some can even tow a trailer to double the load space. All rigid vehicles are operated by skilled drivers. The 4 axle rigid HIABs have the power to transport heavy loads like containers and transport cabins, up to 32 feet in length.